A Rescue Story

Starring Grumpy George

There once was a little bulldog named George who lived in a loving home where he could lie around and pass the time away resting and sleeping. Life was good.

But a big storm came one day and the wind blew hard and George began to be very frightened.


The storm was a bad one and it and destroyed his family's home. 
George was so frightened, he ran far away from the storm and his home.

He walked for miles and got lost. He became very hungry and lonely. He didn't know it, but his family had given up on finding him and they moved far away. George was now all alone in the world. No food, no water, no home, no love!

He roamed from town to town trying to find a way to make a living. Life was very hard for him. His food came from trash cans that he'd get into. He got his water from water puddles in the street, or alleys! 






(Background photo courtesy of Wally Davidson)

He found some wigs in a trash can and hoped that he might be hired as a singer for a band, but no one was interested in hiring him.

Out of desperation for a good meal, he joined a bulldog wrestling circuit, but George was getting old and it was a hard and painful way to make a living.


He finally got a job driving a tractor for a construction company. He now had food to eat, but he still had to live in the street because no one would give him a home.

But when construction slowed down, George lost his job, so he worked as a bartender. But then, the police raided the place and placed George under arrest.



(Background photo courtesy of Larry Wilson)

He'd done nothing wrong except to not have a loving home. He was so sad. It was the lowest point in his life.


But that's when he got his big break. Baby, the famous bulldog was visiting the jail and noticed poor George. Baby said, "I need a helper and George looks just right for the part to me. I'd like to take him to see if he'll work out for the task" 

So Baby bailed George out of jail and gave him a ride to his home.


George was so happy to have a warm, soft bed to sleep in and nice meals that didn't come from of a trash can. He was very grateful for his new home.

But after George got some rest, Baby gave George a good talking to. He said, "George, being famous is hard work. Sometimes you'll be cold. Other times, you'll be hot. And you'll usually be in a big crowd around people and other dogs. You'll often have to wear silly looking hats and clothes and you'll have to learn how to be an actor. And you won't have any privacy after you become famous because everyone will know who you are. You'll have to work hard and become disciplined if you intend to work with me." George said, "Baby, I'll work hard and learn from you."
George learned to wear a hat.

He learned how to wear fancy clothes.

George also learned to talk and read lines. He also learned how to dance.


He even learned how to wear silly things like wigs and sunglasses. Baby said, "George, you're very good and have learned well. Now, you're ready to be famous."

George's first assignment was to ride with Baby in a Christmas parade. George was so excited! He loved his new job!



(Photo by Bobbi Austin)

George then got to be on TV with Baby. He loved being famous!

George also got to get involved with helping children. He especially loved that because he loves kids!

He even joined a football team that Baby played for.

Then, he made the "big time," playing various roles in children's stories, including a pirate and the villain in a Spaceship story.



George and Baby became the best of friends.
George loved his job and his new home and lived happily ever after with Baby the Bulldog.