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Puppy Dog Moon
1 I know that the moon is not really a place,
But a huge "smiley" ball suspended in space.
Tethered to heaven with long silken thread,
And nobly adorned with a puppy dog's head.

2 He rolls out the darkness and wakes up the stars,
The comets and meteors, Pluto and Mars.
He pours out some cream for the Milky Way,
His chores must be done before he can play.
3 In a heartbeat he scurries from town to town,
Making sure children are safe and sound.
He waits until mankind is fast asleep,
When nothing is stirring and all is at peace.
4 That's when the moon really puts on a show,
He readies himself with a splash of moon glow.
Spinning and rolling and bouncing around,
Dancing on moonbeams as soft as down.
5 He winks at the stars and laughs with delight,
Making them giggle and twinkle at night.
He gathers up stardust from starlight streams,
To drop in kids' eyes and give them sweet dreams.
6 He rides carousels of swirling stars,
And hippity-hops over Venus and Mars.
He plays hide-and-seek from behind the clouds,
Making dogs bark, and coyotes howl.
7 But soon the ol' moon must stop all his fun,
For a new dawn breaks, and brings forth the sun.
As the sun starts to rise and begin a new day,
He folds up the darkness and tucks it away.
8 He beckons the stars from their nightly reign,
And planets and comets-he knows them by name.
He puts them away in a huge treasure chest,
So they can lie down and get some rest.
9 Now kids go to sleep when the day is done,
Don't spy on the moon, or you'll spoil all his fun.
He'll stay very still, and won't make a peep,
Until you're in bed and fast asleep.
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Copyrightę Dan Atcheson 2002